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Sendoso + Salesforce

Execute, track, and measure your one-to-one sends or automate bulk sends using the Salesforce + Sendoso integration. 

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The Sendoso and Salesforce integration allows you to:
  • Get visibility on pipeline influenced by Sendoso, closed-won opportunities, and more.
  • Track anything you send as activities in Salesforce and connect them to your campaigns.
  • Execute sends automatically by triggering on changes to Salesforce fields.
  • Increase user adoption by enabling your teams to send directly from within Salesforce.



Automate sends based on Salesforce fields.
Close deals faster by automatically sending a gift once an opportunity status changes, always ensuring a personalized experience for your prospect, while taking the task off your sales team’s plate.
Send from within Salesforce.
Allow your team to send any number of approved items directly from their Salesforce instance for a personalized one-to-one experience without leaving their current workflow.
Sync to Salesforce Campaigns.
Map Campaign Member statuses to Sendoso statuses such as “Responded” to “Package Delivered” for precise campaign success measurement at a glance.
View ROI details on every campaign.
Keep your team aligned and measure success on all your Sendoso campaigns with the Salesforce Analytics Dashboards.



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