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Sendoso + Okta

Enable users to securely authenticate logging into Sendoso using just one set of credentials with Okta.

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How It Works

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  1. From the Okta Admin Dashboard, click Applications, then Browse App Catalog.
  2. Next, search for Sendoso and click on the Sendoso SAML option.
  3. Then hit, + Add Integration.
  4. Review the application label field, by default it will be Sendoso (this is what Okta users will see). Then hit Done.
  5. After clicking done, navigate to the 'Sign On' tab, and click 'Edit' under Settings.
  6. Scroll down to the 'Advanced Sign-on Settings' section, and in the Connection field input your company's name in all lowercase letters (ex. auth0, okta, sendoso) then hit save.
  7. After hitting save, scroll back up, and under the SAML 2.0 section, click "More Details."
  8. Copy the Sign On URL & Download the Signing Certificate.
  9. Finally, please contact our support team to complete the setup by choosing SSO and Complete Set Up on your support request.

Be sure to include the following:

  • Connection Name (the one you put in the 'connection' field):
  • Sign-in URL (Copied from the step above):
  • Signing Cert that was downloaded (you can attach this file when submitting the support request)

That's it! The Sendoso team will assist in completing the setup from this point.


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