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Marketo & Sendoso

Scale and accelerate your marketing efforts by sending personalized gifts, eGifts, and more, triggered directly from your Marketo programs.

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The Sendoso and Marketo integration allows you to:
  • Trigger direct mail, gifts, and eGift sends based on any Marketo Smart List criteria.
  • Add unique eGift URLs into your email templates.
  • Keep your sales team in the know by adding interesting moments.
  • Track your Sendoso campaign’s ROI with campaign reporting in Marketo.



Engage buyers throughout their journey.
You have the data, now take action. Never let leads fall through the cracks by building triggered sends based on automation rules or Smart List criteria.
Drive virtual event attendance.
Build Smart Campaigns to automatically send a physical item once a person’s status is updated to “Registered” to drive attendance and drive pipeline.
Keep your sales team in the know.
When a gift is redeemed or delivered, your sales team has complete visibility into these interesting moments with Marketo Sales Insight and Sendoso.
Measure campaign ROI and success.
Always have accurate performance metrics for your revenue-driving campaigns that are executed with Sendoso via Marketo.


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