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Sendoso + LeanData

Automatically send personalized gifts with the right context, at the right time to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences for every buyer.

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The Sendoso and LeanData integration allows you to:
  • Orchestrate personalized gifting plays at scale across the customer lifecycle
  • Create one-of-a-kind buying experiences by automatically sending personalized gifts at strategic points in the sales process
  • Create seamless campaigns with consistent context and right-time gifting



Personalize Campaign Follow-Ups
Automatically route campaign members to the right rep, & send a personalized gift to make a great first impression.
Enhance ABM Strategy
Automatically match leads to accounts, identify key personas in strategic accounts & send unique gifts to key personas on behalf of your sales team.
Influence Sales Cycles
Accelerate the deal cycle by automatically sending gifts to key contacts to stand out from the competition.
Elevate Customer Onboarding
Develop brand loyalty and increase retention by sending personalized gifts to key contacts as part of the customer onboarding experience.



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