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Sendoso + Influitive

Reward and grow your customer advocate community by sending gifts through the Advocate Hub platform.

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Create advocates from customers by sending physical gifts and e-Gifts as rewards earned through the Advocate Hub platform. 
Sendoso’s Integration With Influitive Allows You To 
  • Generate more referral leads 
  • Send rewards for customer references, social buzz, success stories, andproduct reviews 
  • Fulfill reward requests from Sendoso’s global warehouse network 

How To Get The Most Out Of It 
  • Leverage physical gifts and e-Gifts together to create rewards for customers that they will appreciate 
  • Use handwritten notes and personalized messages to create customized touches for every customer 

How It Works

How It Works
Directly in Influitive, you will:
  1. Create a new Reward
  2. Fulfill awards in the “Fulfillment” section
    3. Select “Manual” and add a personal message 


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