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Sendoso + Groove

Engage prospects and customers by adding personalized gifts, eGifts, direct mail, and celebrity greetings as a step within your Groove Flows.

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The Sendoso and Groove integration allows you to:
  • Incorporate personalized gifts and direct mail to drive engagement.
  • Never leave a workflow to send a Sendoso Touch.
  • Require a meeting to be booked before sending an eGift with Groove’s scheduler link.
  • Measure the impact of including Sendoso in your prospect and customer Flows.


Initiate meaningful conversations.
Increase your response rates by adding personalized direct mail into your Groove Flow steps. Access LinkedIn from the Groove Omnibar to look up a recipient’s alma mater, and then send them a mug from their University in a couple of clicks.
Increase demo attendance.
Initiate Groove automated actions with a Sendoso step. Minimize the number of meetings no-shows by automatically sending an email that offers a gift card in exchange for attendance, after a meeting is booked.
Nurture relationships by creating “wow” moments.
Build and enhance relationships to help close deals faster by sending personalized gifts from Groove.
Decrease sales cycle lengths.
After a demo, have Groove automatically initiate a follow-up with a succulent and note saying  “excited to help your business grow.” 


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