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G2 + Sendoso

The Sendoso + G2 integration allows you to delight your customers, diversify your review collection strategies, and create meaningful connections.


Connect Sendoso to your G2 review campaigns to offer a new way to reward customers for their reviews. Choose your gift(s), set up your campaign, and sit back while reviews roll in and gifts are dispatched! 


How It Works

G2 Review Growth customers complete the following steps in their my.G2 and Sendoso accounts:
  • G2 Review Growth customers can create a vendor-run review campaign and connect it with a Sendoso Gifting Campaign. 
  • Select your gift(s) in Sendoso and log in to Sendoso from my.G2 to authenticate the integrations.
  • Customize your G2 landing page and send it to customers using your preferred email tool(s). 



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