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Sendoso + Enboarder

Enable your HR team to add personalized gifts, branded swag, and eGifts throughout the employee experience journey within any Enboarder Workflow.

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The Sendoso and Enboarder integration allows you to:
  • Add Sendoso Touches within your HR team’s Workflows
  • Store and manage company swag for employees in the Sendoso warehouse
  • Keep employees engaged no matter where they are working



Boost excitement and engagement
Get employees excited to join the team by automatically sending branded Welcome Kits so they can rep company swag from day one!
Celebrate the milestones
Recognize your employees’ special moments by sending: a bottle of champagne to congratulate a promotion, a sweet treat to say “happy birthday!” or a special branded gift to celebrate work anniversaries.
Parental Leave
Ensure your employees feel connected and supported by your company throughout their leave. Send a branded baby bundle, a coffee eGift card for late nights, or a desk succulent to welcome them back to work.
Show your appreciation
Retain and increase employee engagement by showing your appreciation for all they do. From handwritten notes, to virtual workout classes, to a meditation subscription, the ideas are endless to show you care.


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