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Sendoso + Eloqua

Add direct mail, physical packages, and eGifts to Eloqua AppCloud, track campaign success, and analyze results.

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Sendoso’s Integration with Eloqua AppCloud Allows You To

• Add direct mail and gifts as an action service to the campaign canvas.
• Track direct mail campaign success by sending notification alerts to the sender or the Salesforce account owner.
• Easily add an Eloqua eGift link to any Eloqua email template.

How to Get the Most of It.

• Set up Eloqua campaigns based on either Eloqua AppCloud or Salesforce data.
• Keep your sales team aware of activities with alerts.
• Track campaign ROI.
• Customize your eGift redemption landing page by selecting a Template, which allows you to upload your own custom header image.
• Track shipped/delivery notifications in the Analytics section of Sendoso or wait for email notifications.


Customize the eGift redemption landing page by selecting a Template which will allow you to upload your own custom header image.
For the Eloqua eGift Generator, create a new Touch in the Touches section and trigger the send based on the Eloqua integration. Copy and paste the eGift link that is custom generated for each recipient into any Eloqua email template. When the link is clicked, it will dynamically generate the specified eGift link and take the recipient to a Sendoso landing page to redeem their eGift card.

How It Works

Log in to Sendoso and create a new touch, select the Touch you want to be triggered, and select Eloqua.

Log in to Eloqua to complete setup. Decide which Program or Campaign you want to integrate into Sendoso and drag the Sendoso (action service) into the campaign canvas. Configure the Sendoso action service with the pencil icon and select the previously created Sendoso Touch. When the Sendoso Action step is triggered, the Touch will be sent.

With this integration, you can seamlessly send direct mail (by mapping physical mailing addresses during setup) and eGifts from within Eloqua.



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