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Integrate Sendoso seamlessly with your HubSpot portal to ensure reps are utilizing a gifting tool to close deals. With one single source of truth on a contact record, you'll be able to see Sendoso activity ROI and influence on each deal.

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We know HubSpot better than HubSpot knows HubSpot, which means we are able to setup your Sendoso integration in a fully customizable way to satisfy your specific use case. Leveraging automation workflows, Sendoso gifts will be firing from your HubSpot activity without the push of a button.


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Cassidi Heltcel of Ascension Accounting

"The team’s digital strategy skills and expertise lifted a huge burden from my business partner and me. We don’t have to cold call clients anymore or even reach out via social media. Bridges knows how to promote our company using language that appeals to non-accountants. They took the project and ran with it."

Best in Industry HubSpot Implementation Support
Ryan Harter

Disclaimer: This review constitutes my experience working with BridgeRev as my company's dedicated CRM point of contact. My thoughts and feelings aren't necessarily reflective of USA Digital as a company. Alright with relevant legal boxes ticked, in my opinion: Working with BridgeRev, has been an absolute game-changer for our organization. From the initial stages of conceptual planning to the sharing of best practices and core competencies, their team of experts has provided us with an unparalleled level of support and guidance. I think the "X Factor" is BridgeRev's human talent. My belief is that truly sets them apart in the industry. Their team is composed of folks who are not only knowledgeable about the intricacies of HubSpot CRM but also possess a unique ability to connect with our team on a personal level. This human touch made our collaboration not only meaningful but also enjoyable. That ability to "meet us where we are" is something that can't be taught, you either have it or you don't. BridgeRev has it. A special highlight of BridgeRev is the unwavering commitment to providing responsive and honest feedback. They never hesitated to share their thoughts on how we could improve our processes, and they always ensured that their recommendations were tailored to our specific needs. This transparent "clear is kind" communication style allowed us to feel confident in the validity of the key decisions made throughout the implementation process. If you're going to hire an agency, make sure that they are telling you what you NEED to hear not what you WANT to hear. TL;DR - Partnering with BridgeRev for our HubSpot CRM implementation has been a truly transformative experience. Their unique blend of technical expertise, exceptional human talent, and genuine commitment to our success has armed us with a HubSpot instance that took our sales process into the 21st century. I wholeheartedly recommend BridgeRev to any organization about to embark on the journey of getting serious about CRM.

Exceptional Team
Casimiro Betancourt

Being an avid HubSpot user and admin I am very well versed with the platform and capabilities. Max, Kelsey, Ashley, and the team at bridges are some of the brightest minds I have come across in the HubSpot community. Their approach to projects is not focused on "How can we get this done quickly" but "How can we do this correctly and scalable". They also approach the project from a very personable approach and treat the partnership as that, a partnership. Always willing to help and have open communications for any questions we may have. I highly recommend Bridges for not only new HubSpot users and onboarding but even more experienced HubSpot users and companies.

Game Changer
Jeremiah Graham

The HubSpot CRM system is our primary tool for managing data, leads, conversions, etc. BridgeRev has been instrumental in guiding and assisting Metro Technology Centers with building, implementing, and using our CRM. Having the ability to better serve our customers has been a game changer for us!


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