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Sales/Client Success Coaching & Training

Blind Zebra is an elite sales and customer success coaching company focused on complete customer journey training for your client-facing teams. All Blind Zebra training is built on a simple yet powerful Think-Do-Say™ methodology, which leans first and foremost into the energy we bring with us when we “show up” – with a customer, a prospect, or anyone else.

Because your client-facing teams share responsibility for your customer journey and your revenue targets, we believe they should also share a common language and uplifted team culture. Blind Zebra coaching creates shared thought, action, and language for a more seamless customer experience and better performance against your KPIs.

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Today, Blind Zebra offers live online coaching all over the world as well as in-person classroom style training and immersive custom programs. Regardless of the means of delivery, the mission remains the same: Blind Zebra specializes in helping exceptional individuals and teams go pro.

Over 100 companies such as ChurnZero, Emarsys, Kronologic, Terminus, and Salesforce depend on Blind Zebra to support their client-facing teams using our unique Think-Do-Say™ methodology. To learn more, please visit


Jason Moore image

Jason Moore
VP of Global Sales, ChurnZero

At ChurnZero we pride ourselves on our sales and customer success teams being in sync with how we sell and how we service. We searched for a great consulting firm that could apply real life lessons and tactical advice to both teams. When we met w/ the Blind Zebra team after many failed searches we knew we had found the answer. They bring the right quality of insights v experience that have really helped our team to grow!
Margaret Henney image

Margaret Henney
Director of Marketing, Covideo

I can't say enough about working with Bryan, Steph and the entire BZ team! They are true partners in every sense of the word. Best of all, their advice/expertise is both practical and tactical - meaning it's tangible input you and put to work immediately and see results quickly. Working with the BZ team is a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their sales/CS game!
Brendan McDaniel image

Brendan McDaniel
Director of Client Success, Bloom Growth

The BZ crew and their approach are second to none. Having had the opportunity to be involved in a CS peer group from day one has been a great experience, both personally and professionally. The amount of knowledge that is shared during each session and the access to other's within the BZ community is what sets this program and approach apart from other coaching sessions. The takeaways have helped me level up teams and create a path for larger discussions within our organization. BZ is the real deal.
Nate Thompson image

Nate Thompson
National Account Manager, Renovia

To say that BZ has infiltrated the ranks of our team would be an understatement. It's the language we speak, the processes we've implemented, and the standard by which we keep each other accountable. High level "where's your head at on this" all the way down to individual deal work - we now have a framework that aligns with our culture.


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