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Sendoso + 6sense

Add sending to your account engagement strategy by triggering sends based on intent, behavior and AI data from 6sense.

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The Sendoso and 6sense integration allows you to:

  • Engage accounts with memorable sending based on AI predictive analytics.
  • Seamlessly add sending to your multi-channel strategy by triggering sends based on 6sense data.
  • Enable your GTM teams to execute sending at the right time with 6sense notifications.
  • Measure ROI on all your sending efforts at the campaign or account level with real-time data to your 6sense platform.


Turn leads into opportunities faster!
Increase your outbound response rate by triggering direct mail based on your target account’s intent and behavioral insights, ensuring an account never goes cold.
Personalize your digital marketing!
Take your display advertising to the next level by triggering Sendoso once a prospect hits a certain level of engagement with your digital ads.
Segment your sends based on key-roles!
Take your personalization to the next level by creating Touches based on a prospects role in the decision making process.
Measure ROI and influence!
With the 6sense platform and Sendoso’s analytics, seamlessly map ROI and influence metrics back to your database for accurate reporting daily with the team, or quarterly with the executive team.



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